Tea Time: Teas I Always Keep on My Shelf


Here’s the tea. I’ll choose a steaming cup of hot tea and honey over coffee any day of the week. There’s just something so soothing and rejuvenating about a cup of tea – whether in the morning or at night. Typically, I love to start my day off browsing through emails with a cup of tea. I make sure my shelf is always stocked with plenty of variety and opt for whatever I feel like my mind and body needs that day. I always have a few wildcards on my shelf, but for the most part, here are some of my must-have teas.

Cordyceps Tea

Cordyceps is something I’ve been interested in for awhile. Rather than drinking a coffee or adding a bunch of sugar to your tea, cordyceps is a type of mushroom that can increase your energy, boost your immune system, protect the lungs and kidneys, and relieve depression. I know what you’re thinking – Mushrooms in your tea? Cordyceps has numerous health benefits, and when it’s in your morning cup of tea, you don’t even realize you’re drinking mushrooms! Currently on my shelf is a smaller brand I bought at a local farmers market called “Teas of Immortality.” This tea contains organic cordyceps and is in the flavor tulsi chai spice. The chai in this one is quite strong, so if you don’t like a spicy tea, this might not be for you. Along with containing cordyceps, this is a green tea blend with cinnamon, ginger, tulsi, and clove.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure where to buy this tea online, but here’s a link to something similar.

Pu’erh Tea

Pu’erh tea is is similar to black tea, but its fermentation gives it a vastly different taste. Typically, pu’erh teas have an earthy flavor, but of course, depending on the brand and type you buy, the flavor can vary. I recommend keeping pu’erh around the house, as it’s an effective tea for aiding digestion. Additionally, it’s a great alternative to your morning coffee. Pu’erh is known for containing caffeine and has been used for centuries as a slimming and beauty tea, as well as the ideal hangover cure.¬†Currently on my shelf is “The Tea Spot”in the Organic Morning Mojo flavor. This tea contains pu’erh blended with a mixture of black teas. Although you would expect a high caffeine level, this tea actually contains about one-third of the caffeine of coffee and no added sugar. Black teas can be quite rich, and earthy tones aren’t for everyone; however, the added vanilla and orange makes the flavoring a little more citrusy and a lot less harsh than other black teas.

Sleepy Time Tea

I enjoy unwinding with a cup of tea before bed. When looking for a sleepy time tea, some ingredients to keep on your radar include chamomile, lavender, magnesium, and l-theanine. Of course, unlike your morning tea, you absolutely want to keep any teas you consume before bed caffeine-free. Yogi is a popular brand you can buy at any local supermarket with a variety of wonderful teas. I keep the Soothing Caramel Bedtime tea on my shelf that includes chamomile flower, skullcap, and l-theanine. I especially love the caramel and vanilla flavor of this one that gives me a taste of sweetness before tucking into bed.

Green Tea

My all-time favorite tea is the classic, green tea. I could make a whole list of reasons on why green tea is the best tea, but here’s just a few. First of all, it tastes the best. Sure, that’s subjective, and it’s absolutely an acquired taste, but it’s simply one of my favorites. Green tea also has numerous health benefits, strong antioxidants, and can increase your heart health. I absolutely recommend green tea as a substitute to your morning coffee, as it does contain caffeine and is a wonderful stimulant to sharpen your brain function. While green tea isn’t too different from black tea, it’s absolutely all about preference here. I love both, but do favor green tea. I keep the classic Bigelow Green Tea bags on my shelf at all times. It’s inexpensive, tasty, and a classic!

Chai Tea

Again, if you don’t like spices, chai tea probably isn’t for you. I personally enjoy chai tea simply because I think it acts almost as a comfort food. The spicy blend and sweet smell instantly calm my senses. Chai tea with a little bit of milk makes it a little more heavy, but really blends well with the spicy notes. Twinning is a classic for chai, and I currently have on my shelf both the pumpkin spice flavor (a go-to for fall) and the french vanilla flavor (a classic.) If you’re going to try one, I do recommend the french vanilla. Both contain a delicious blend of cinnamon and ginger, although the pumpkin spice also contains nutmeg. The french vanilla is a little less spicy (although still quite spicy) and even more soothing.

My morning cup of tea is a must-have for me. I’m constantly stocking and restocking my shelf, experimenting with new types of teas and different flavors. Any suggestions on teas to try is always greatly appreciated.


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