2020s been a tough year. We’re all going through it. We all have been impacted in some way, shape, or form. The past few months have been difficult. You might be feeling sad, frustrated, irritated. Just remember, there’s still so much to be grateful for.

Summer is a beautiful season of longer days and warmer weather. Embrace the summer while it’s here because before you know it, it’ll be gone. One of my favorite parts about summer and one of my favorite places to be is the beach. Even though it’s a summer full of social distancing, I’ve been lucky to be able to get plenty of time in the sand and reflecting on how wonderful this world can be. Just having the luxury of being able to sit by the ocean is one of the many things I have to be grateful for. Here are 5 reasons I’m grateful for the beach that accommodates all of the human senses.

Surrounded By Nature’s Beauty

I’m grateful for any chance I get to sit outside in nature and admire its beauty. I especially love any chance I get to sit on the beach because the sun beams reflecting on the crashing ocean waves and soft sand is so serene. The beach is beautiful at all times of the day, but there truly is a magnificent sensation when watching the sunrise or sunset among the ocean. It lights a fire inside of me that makes me feel so appreciative to be surrounded by such an astonishing earth.

The Sound of Crashing Ocean Waves

The sound of ocean waves is such a calming sound, sometimes I’ll play audio clips on YouTube during the winter just to bring back that soothing sensation. The rhythm of the waves immediately leads me to tranquility. I love to admire the stunning beauty of the ocean, but I think I may even like listening to it even more.

The Way My Toes Feel in the Sand

When I hit the beach for the first time in the summer, and I kick off my flip flops and soak my feet into the sand, the feeling is pure bliss. This, to me, is what summer feels like. I love walking in warm, soft sand, and I love even more tracing my initials in the wet, cold sand by the ocean and watching the waves wash it away. I know not everyone has an admiration of sand quite like I do, but a sandy beach is my perfect image of summer.

The Salty Air

The salty ocean air is often so strong, I can smell it miles away from the beach, but I’m not complaining. There’s something so peaceful about sitting on the beach as the gentle ocean breeze blows through my hair. The smell of the salty water and breeze in my face just reminds me once again how breathtaking nature can be.

The Calming Nature of Resting on the Beach

All of these elements combined describe what makes the beach so therapeutic and calming, the aspect I’m most grateful for. The beauty of the waves crashing on the sand sounds so peaceful as I curl up on the shore lost in a good book. The feeling of the soft sand melt in between my toes as I inhale the salty air fulfills all of my senses. The beach is my favorite place. I’m grateful to the state of relaxation nature, and specifically the beach, can lead me.

If you haven’t taken a beach day yet this summer, get out there and take one because you deserve it! Make sure to apply extra sunscreen and social distance.