Letting Go Of Those Summer Insecurities


It’s bathing suit season and let’s be real: It takes a lot of confidence to put on a swimsuit and strut around the beach half naked. If you find bathing suit season terribly dreadful, your feelings are entirely valid; we all have insecurities. It’s pretty natural to feel uncomfortable when you feel like everyone around you is judging your body.

Gaining body confidence is a process. Learning to love yourself can be a challenge, but when you do, it makes life all the more fulfilling. Who cares if you downed 3 donuts before hitting the beach? Your body is still beautiful. You can love your body while still working towards your fitness goals. Everyone should aim to be a little healthier, but that doesn’t mean you can’t love your body where it’s at right now. Don’t let your fitness goals define you. Don’t let one cheat day destroy all of your confidence. Your body is beautiful as is, right now. So put on your swimsuit, and catch some rays!

We All Have Insecurities

No one is 100% confident in their body. Everyone has insecurities whether it be being “too fat” or “too skinny.” Maybe there’s a birth mark or stretch mark that’s making someone feel a little self conscious. Insecurities are part of what makes us human. Those models you see online and in magazines that you desperately wish you looked like have insecurities too. There isn’t a definition of a “perfect body.” All bodies are different, and all bodies are beautiful.

No One is Looking At You

Something to remember that significantly helped me with my body confidence is to remember; no one is staring at you like you assume they are. If you’re on the beach especially, you’re surrounded by potentially hundreds of people who are all probably a little insecure in their swimsuits. We’re all too fixated on our own appearance to even give attention to someone else’s. Next time you’re lounging on the beach in your swimsuit feeling high anxiety of what others are thinking, stop worrying and remember, no one’s that fixated on another person’s bikini body.

Don’t Let Other People’s Perception of You Impact Your Happiness

It’s hard to be happy when we’re too caught up in what other’s think of us. If we love the beach and we can’t go because of our insecurities, we’re letting the opinions of others dictate our lives, and that’s unacceptable. Although I stand by the idea that people on the beach are too caught up in their own appearance to worry about yours, even if they are staring at you (which is just a little bit creepy) who cares what they think? Find happiness with who you are and what you look like. Live your life to the fullest, completely carefree. Life is short, and if we spend it caught up in trying to look and act a certain way to please others, we’ll never be able to enjoy life the way we want to.

Buy a Bathing Suit That Makes You Feel Good

Go shopping, alone or maybe with a group of friends, browse the swimsuit aisle, and try out a few (or a bunch) that you like. Try them all on, and keep trying them on until you find one you love. There is always a swimsuit out there you’ll find to flatter your body shape. Experimenting and trying on new suits might make you realize certain shapes look incredible on you while others may just not be your favorite. Try on all different swimsuits from bikinis, one pieces, high-waisted, etc. Find the bikini that makes you feel the most confident and keep that confidence with you next time you hit the beach.

Remember at the end of the day, there’s only one opinion that matters, and that’s your own! So love your body and love yourself and don’t let a few insecurities stand in the way of your overall happiness.