8 Brands That Give Back


Ever feel shopper’s remorse? We’ve all been there. We’ve all bought things we don’t need and spent money we should’ve transferred to the savings account. Hey – Shopping can be addicting. While you should definitely practice budgeting and good savings habits, a tip to feel a little less guilty next time you go on a shopping spree is to buy from brands that give back. Next time you splurge on a new wardrobe you don’t need and feel that instant regret afterwards, you can feel a little proud knowing that at least some of the proceeds are going to a good cause. Here are some of my favorite brands that support some of my favorite causes:

Ivory Ella

Since 2015, Ivory Ella has donated over $1.9 million to Save the Elephants and other various charities. For every purchase made, Ivory Ella donates 10% of its profits to saving the elephants. Did you know elephants are one of the most sensitive and caring animals? Elephants aren’t much different from us humans. They can be playful and love hugs, but still mourn the losses of their loved ones. While Ivory Ella donates some proceeds to Save the Elephants, if elephant conservation is important to you, I’d recommend potentially donating right to Save the Elephants as well.


DivinityLA works with various charities and donates 10% from each purchase. Their handmade bracelets and rings each have a special message and are beautifully crafted from various crystals to inspire positivity. Some of the charities DivinityLA donates to includes wildlife charities, such as International Elephant Foundation and Pandas International, but also charities such as the Trevor Project, Relay for Life, and the Food Trust. Currently, DivinityLA is doubling proceeds to help those impacted by COVID-19.

TOMS Shoes

Next time you’re wanting to buy new shoes, remember that TOMS donates a pair of shoes for every pair sold. Every time a TOMS product is purchased, someone in need is being helped. Additionally, as of April 1st, one third of profits will go to the TOMS COVID-19 Global Giving Fund which supports those working on the front-lines of the global pandemic. TOMS also supports other various charities like Think Outside Da Block, the Mix, and Magic Bus. For every $3 made, $1 will go to a charity.

Conscious Step

Each purchase of socks donates a portion of proceeds to a charity. Purchasing a pair of socks with cute little puppy dogs on them will help save dogs while purchasing a pair of socks with a leaf print will help save the rainforest. Each pair of socks has a pattern that matches the charity proceeds will be directed towards. Other causes include preventing breast cancer, fighting malaria, ending poverty, and educating kids. Additionally, each pair of socks is made sustainably, and as the brand says, every pair has a purpose. $1 is donated per each pair of socks sold to the designated charity.


A huge favorite of mine, and many, is Box Lunch. With every $10 spent (which isn’t hard at BoxLunch), BoxLunch provides one meal to a person in need through Feeding America. Purchases can be made in-store, or online. Not to mention, BoxLunch sells a bunch of cool products from Disney-themed backpacks to the Office merch, BoxLunch is a great store to shop at when buying gifts for friends and loved ones. Just think of a show or movie your friend loves, and you’ll find lots of unique, related gifts. Not only are you buying something you know your friend will love, but you’re donating meals to those in need. It’s a win/win.

Prosperity Candle

Each candle is made sustainably, without any dyes or enhancers. Each is poured with all-natural soy and coconut waxes, pure cotton, wood wicks, and premium fragrances made with essential oils. So not only are you buying sustainable, all-natural candles, but you’re helping a beautiful cause dedicated towards supporting women refugees and artisans.

Hand In Hand

Stock up on all of your toiletries at Hand In Hand because not only are the products natural and vegan, but each bar of soap you buy means they’ll donate a bar of soap to those in need. Hand In Hand was founded after discovering that 5 million children die each year from water related illness. Many of these deaths can be prevented from hand washing alone. Not only has Hand In Hand donated over 1.6 million bars of soap, but has also built/repaired 4 wells that provide thousands of people with clean water.

Long Dog Clothing Company

15% of all proceeds at Long Dog Clothing Company go to an animal charity. Now, you can find clothes to properly fit your long dog while helping other dogs in need. Proceeds go to local dog charities and foundations with the intention to help dogs in shelters while they wait for their forever home. Some partners include Wags and Walks, Pasadena Humane Society, and Queens Best Stumpy Dog Rescue. Also, when buying your dog some new clothes, be sure to check the size guide to find the perfect fit. This specifies which size will best fit your yorkie, all the way to your dalmatian.

Next time you give to yourself, make sure you give back too. There’s thousands of brands out who donate to a good cause. Do your research and find a cause that’s important to you.


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