Whether you’re married or in a long-term relationship, it’s normal for the romance to feel a bit redundant after awhile. While going out to dinner and catching a new movie is classic and fun, sometimes it’s necessary to spice things up a little. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to indulge in some new activities with your significant other. In fact, it’s possible to have a creative date night with little to no costs at all. Check out some free (or almost free) date ideas below!


  1. Play a board game, or cards. Pull out your old Twister game or try your hand at a game of poker! Board games and cards don’t have to be boring – make it fun!
  2. Have a bake-off! Have a little friendly competition on who can make the better dessert using only the ingredients you have in your house! Avoid the temptation to start a food fight.. unless if you’re both willing to clean the mess later.
  3. Have a movie marathon at home. Horror movies are always a classic for date night. If that’s not for you, find a genre you both love. On date night, I love watching stand-up specials on Netflix.
  4. Watch YouTube videos.
  5. Have an adventure at Walmart. Check out the new movies on sale, browse the desserts. Enjoy each other’s company!
  6. Plan a future vacation.
  7.  Do a puzzle.


  1. Hike.
  2. Go to a park. Play on the swings. Let out your inner kid!
  3. Have a picnic. Instead of going out for lunch, consider packing a picnic basket and going to your local park. Pack some PB&J’s, chips, drinks, and enjoy a sunny day outside! Make sure to take pictures.
  4. Go to the beach if it’s a sunny day
  5. Play a sport together. Pull out a soccer ball or throw a football. If you’re not too familiar with sports, have your date teach you how to play!
  6. Stargaze. Lay out a blanket you can share and relax outside together.

Indoors or Outdoors:

  1. Exercise. Go for a run outside, or maybe practice yoga at home. Remember you can always work out for free!
  2. Find free, local events in your area. There’s a lot of planetariums and museums that typically host one or two free days a month. You also might want to keep your eye out on free concerts nearby.
  3. Have a doggy play date if you both have pets.
  4. Volunteer together. Maybe walk dogs at a shelter, or volunteer at a soup kitchen. Find a cause that’s important to both of you. You’ll do something good, all the while strengthening your relationship.
  5. Make a YouTube video.

Next time you and your partner are struggling to decide on what to do, write each of these date ideas on a piece of paper or popsicle stick, put it in a jar, and pick! Let fate decide for you.