18 Date Ideas That Don’t Cost Anything


When you’ve been dating someone for long enough, finding new and exciting things to do together can get difficult after awhile. Going out to dinner is always fun and I love catching a good movie but sometimes you just need to spice things up, and save a few bucks. Luckily, there are plenty of fun dates out there that won’t cost a penny. Check out some free, date ideas below!


  1. Hike.
  2. Go to a park. Play on the swings. Let out your inner kid!
  3. Have a picnic. Instead of going out for lunch, consider packing a picnic basket and going to your local park. Pack some PB&J’s, chips, drinks, and enjoy a sunny day outside! Make sure to take pictures.
  4. Go to the beach if it’s a sunny day
  5. Play a sport together. Pull out a soccer ball or throw a football. If you’re not too familiar with sports, have your date teach you how to play!
  6. Stargaze. Lay out a blanket you can share and relax outside together.


  1. Play a board game, or cards. Pull out your old Twister game or try your hand at a game of poker! Board games and cards don’t have to be boring – make it fun!
  2. Have a bake-off! Have a little friendly competition on who can make the better dessert using only the ingredients you have in your house! Avoid the temptation to start a food fight.. unless if you’re both willing to clean the mess later.
  3. Have a movie marathon at home. Horror movies are always a classic for date night. If that’s not for you, find a genre you both love. On date night, I love watching stand-up specials on Netflix.
  4. Watch YouTube videos.
  5. Have an adventure at Walmart. Check out the new movies on sale, browse the desserts. Enjoy each other’s company!
  6. Plan a future vacation.
  7.  Do a puzzle.

Indoors or Outdoors:

  1. Exercise. Go for a run outside, or maybe practice yoga at home. Remember you can always work out for free!
  2. Find free, local events in your area. There’s a lot of planetariums and museums that typically host one or two free days a month. You also might want to keep your eye out on free concerts nearby.
  3. Have a doggy play date if you both have pets.
  4. Volunteer together. Maybe walk dogs at a shelter, or volunteer at a soup kitchen. Find a cause that’s important to both of you. You’ll do something good, all the while strengthening your relationship.
  5. Make a YouTube video.

Next time you and your partner are struggling to decide on what to do, write each of these date ideas on a piece of paper or popsicle stick, put it in a jar, and pick! Let fate decide for you.


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