Challenge: Think Positively for 30 Days


In times of distress like we’re currently experiencing worldwide, remaining positive proves to be extremely challenging. We’re overcome with worries and stress and loneliness – It’s hard to remain optimistic.

Rather than letting worrisome thoughts consume you, use your time at home to challenge your way of thinking. Bring some awareness to your thoughts and take note of how often you are being pessimistic, and see if you can actively try to change that.

For the next 30 days, spend time each day shifting your mindset. If you’re someone who tends to be more negative, try to train your mind to look on the bright side of things. This isn’t an overnight process of course. This will take a lot of patience, awareness, and acceptance. Don’t get frustrated with yourself when you mess up. We’re only human, and it’s natural to experience all sorts of emotion. The end goal is to be just a little more optimistic, one day at a time. Below are 30 challenges; one for each day to get you started on the journey to changing your way of thinking.

30 Days of Positivity

Day 1: Don’t complain all day, no matter how badly you want to. Accept your frustration, and let it go.

Day 2: Read a book or poem that inspires you.

Day 3: Smile at everyone and everything. Even if you don’t feel like it.

Day 4: Pick a positive affirmation to carry with you throughout the day. Write it down and repeat it overtime a negative though arises.

Day 5: Meditate for at least 10 minutes.

Day 6: Do an exercise you love – Whether it’s running, hiking, kickboxing. Get your endorphins pumping. You’ll feel happier and more optimistic.

Day 7: Journal and reflect on your day, but keep everything you write in your journal positive.

Day 8: Write down 5 things you are grateful for. It can be anything in the world.

Day 9: Refrain from gossiping today.

Day 10: For every unsatisfactory situation that happens today, think of what the best case scenario could be.

Day 11: Create a positivity playlist.

Day 12: Look for the good in everyone you come across today.

Day 13: Practice yoga.

Day 14: Write down 3 things you love about yourself. It could be your strawberry blonde hair, or it could be your daring confidence.

Day 15: Compliment 3 people today. Spread the love.

Day 16: Look for opportunities to volunteer. Find what you’re passionate about.

Day 17: Create a vision board.

Day 18: Have a social media detox.

Day 19: Next time someone upsets you, try to see the situation from their perspective.

Day 20: Move slowly and mindfully today. Don’t rush anything. There’s no need to induce unnecessary stress.

Day 21: Call someone you’re grateful for.

Day 22: Go to bed early, and have a good night’s rest. When you’re feeling well-rested and alert, you’ll feel more joyous and optimistic.

Day 23: Unfollow social media accounts that make you feel bad about yourself.

Day 24: Next time a stressful situation arises, don’t sulk and focus on what you can’t change. Instead, use your energy to brainstorm solutions for what you can change.

Day 25: Start surrounding yourself with positive people. Stop surrounding yourself with those who bring you down.

Day 26: Think about what makes you lucky. Maybe you’re a really good artist, or you have the best job in the world.

Day 27: Spend time in nature, and reflect on how beautiful the world around you is.

Day 28: Write down 3 things you did well today. You showed up for yourself today, and that’s something to be proud of.

Day 29: Think of happy memories, and share them with friends.

Day 30: For every negative thought you think about yourself today, write down 2 things you love about yourself

How’d it Go?

Once you’ve completed your 30 days, leave a comment down below letting me know how it went! Was it challenging? What stood in your way? Do you feel like your mindset has shifted a little bit now that it’s all over?

Try to keep awareness to your mindset, even after you’ve completed your 30 days. If you can acknowledge negativity as it comes along, and shift your attention to the positives of a situation, you’ll notice yourself grow to be a much more optimistic person. This isn’t easy, but if you try to be a little more positive each day, you’ll notice a huge difference in your mindset over time.


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