Me Time: Having Your Own Spa Day At Home


Something I don’t think many of us value enough is “me time”, or time spent alone. It’s normal to crave to be around people, or to maybe get bored too fast when you’re alone. However, it’s necessary to take some time here and there to be by yourself, whether it’s to get done some errands and maximize productivity, or to do some self-reflecting.

It’s important to be comfortable with solitude. Practicing solitude will help free your mind and release distractions. Turn your phone off, light a candle, and get ready to spend the day or evening alone, pampering yourself with an at home spa day.

Set the Mood

The first step to having a relaxing evening at home is to set the mood. Light some candles, apply your favorite essential oils, and maybe play some soft, instrumental music if you’d like. Pick out some comfy, fluffy towels and have them laid out, ready to go. If you want to feel like you’re at a spa, you want all 5 senses accommodated.

Make a Refreshing Drink

In order to accommodate your taste sense, you want to have a drink you love ready to go. I prefer to have something more refreshing, like a green juice or cucumber water. If you’re feeling a bit under the weather, hot tea with lemon and honey could be a great option as well. A glass of wine can also be an option if you’re looking for a little kick. We’re looking to destress and relax. Do what you need to engage all 5 senses.

Use a Steam Treatment

Steam treatments are incredible, for many reasons. First, they open up your pores, so make sure to remove any makeup you have on beforehand. Second, they open up your sinuses. If you’re feeling congested and icky, using a steam treatment will help release all of that mucus (it may be a little gross, but it’s worth it). Once your face is steamed, you’ve opened up your pores and prepped your skin for exfoliation and treatments. If you don’t have a sauna at home, no worries. You can recreate a similar effect through a steam treatment.

Apply a Face and Hair Mask

Do your research to find a DIY mask that will meet the needs of your skin. My personal favorite is a honey and green tea mask that nourishes my acne-prone skin without clogging my pores. You can also buy a face mask at the store if you’re not feeling up to making your own. The same goes for your hair. You can feel free to buy a conditioning mask at the store, or create your own. You don’t need anything fancy and expensive to put into your hair. Applying just a dollop of coconut oil to your hair is inexpensive, and could be exactly what you need to revive dry strands.

Draw a Bath 

Draw yourself a soothing, warm bath that will relieve muscle tension. Dress up the bath however you’d like. Maybe you add a bath bomb, or some salts or oils. Spend plenty of time soaking your muscles and letting all stress wash away. When you’re ready to exit the tub, you can feel free to wash away your face and hair mask until you’re feeling fresh and new.

Apply an Eye Mask

Relax in the tub by placing a gentle eye mask over your lids. Cucumbers are a classic, and really do help to relieve puffiness. I’m also a fan of applying chilled chamomile tea bags on top of my eyes, as not only does it sooth irritated eyes, but the scent is very calming. Again, there are also eye patches you can buy readily made at the store, and you might even find a few you can sleep in.

Give Yourself a Full Body Scrub

Before you exit your bath, exfoliate your body head to toe. Pick up your loofah or exfoliating brush, pick up the scrub of your choice, and wash away all that dead skin. This step is important, especially in the winter when our skin tends to dry out and crack. Take your time applying the scrub in soft, circular motions around your body. Don’t scrub to hard – you don’t want to irritate your skin. When you’re finished, wash away and enjoy your skin’s new butter sensation.

Lather Yourself in Lotion

After washing yourself from head to toe, return some moisture through your favorite body lotion. Begin with a more gentle face moisturizer, and then move to your body lotion and apply generously, specifically on areas that dry out easily like elbows and knees.

Give Yourself a Mani/Pedi

Finish the night with an at-home, mani/pedi. If your hands and feet still need a little extra love after your bath, feel free to soak them a bit longer. Once they’re feeling soft and delicate, clean up your nails with a nail file or trimmer. Push back your cuticles if you’d like, and maybe buff your nails. If you’d like to paint your nails a pretty color, consider applying a base or nail strengthening treatment first.


Once every inch of your body has been given some love, and you’re feeling clean and replenished both inside and on the outside, you can end your day or night with maybe a bit of journaling if you’d prefer, or you can hop into bed for a good nights rest, or for a nice nap if the day is still young. You deserve it.