New Year’s Resolutions for 20 Year Olds Entering 2020


We all have goals and aspirations we’d like to work on as we not only enter a new year, but a new decade. As a twenty-something-year-old, we have a lot we feel like we need to accomplish as we grow deeper into adulthood, and it can become quite overwhelming. If we decide which goals are most important to us and implement a plan we can stick to, it can be possible to stick to our resolution past January and throughout the year. Below are a list of 3 resolutions I encourage anyone in their 20s to work on. Don’t feel like you need to tackle all 3 at once. Decide what’s most important to you, and start there.

Cook More Often

You might be too lazy to cook that you spend a lot of money eating out or rely on Tyson Chicken Strips for dinner, or you might have the luxury of still living at home and having your parents cook for you, but regardless, you should get into the habit of cooking more often. Purchasing a cookbook can build some excitement to try out new and yummy recipes. Look for a book or online recipes that aren’t too difficult, especially if you’re new to cooking.

Go food shopping weekly to buy the ingredients you need, and challenge yourself to cook more often. Maybe that’s one day a week if you don’t cook at all, or maybe it’s 3-5 days a week. Experiment with new recipes and cook healthy meals. You might find you make the creamiest lasagna or the juiciest burger. Try to find your specialty.

Make a New Friend

As we get older, it becomes a little bit harder to put ourselves out there. We may find ourselves distancing from old friends as we move around and graduate college and begin our careers, and as some of us even begin to form families. It’s important to have relationships, and it’s even more important to always be open to forming new relationships, even if our old ones are still stronger than ever. Put yourself out there more. Ask a coworker to grab a drink after work, or maybe start volunteering. I think volunteering is a great way to meet people because it’s a win/win – you’re doing something close to your heart while meeting likeminded people.

Understand Your Finances

Even though it’s decades away, now is the time to begin your retirement fund. Start putting some money away into your 401(k), even if it’s a few dollars a month. Educate yourself on investing, and look into potential robo-advisors that can help eliminate risk if you’re not too confident yet.

Something else that’s very important is to understand credit card debt. Pay your cards off each month, and really contemplate if that Victoria’s Secret credit card is worth the high interest. It’s probably not. Create a budget for yourself if you don’t already have one, and stick to it.


The most important resolution you can make is to work towards self-improvement each and every day. Educate yourself, challenge yourself, love yourself, and do what makes you most happy. Taking baby steps towards your goals will still leave you stronger and closer to your dreams than you were yesterday.


  1. Great goals. Financial stewardship is so important to start young. I bought a home when I was in my late twenties and worked to pay it down and it was the best move I could have made. It’s protected me from a myriad of bumps and bruises in life. I still wish I was a better cook, though!

    • I agree – the younger you begin to educate yourself on your finances, the better! We have all our lives to perfect our cooking skills though. Practice makes perfect! 🙂


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