Eliminating Anger: Cooling Down After a Heated Fight


When you’re seeing red, it’s important to calm yourself down before saying or doing something you might regret. Sometimes when an argument makes us so passionate, it can feel impossible to control our emotions. We’re filled with anger and frustration, and we want to feel understood. Remember losing your temper could cause penalties that last a lot longer than your emotions do. Acknowledge how you’re feeling, and take the next step to calm your emotions and move forward.

Go for a walk. Get some fresh air. Maybe go for a light jog to let out your frustration. Move your focus to the beauty of nature.

Workout. Anger provides us a burst of energy. If walking or jogging is keeping you too much in your head, go to the gym and lift some weights. For me, the only benefit of being angry is I have killer workouts. It helps me relieve tension and move that energy and emotion into something beneficial.

Leave the situation If it’s only increasing your rage and frustration, leave it alone. Only once you’re calm and stable is when you should return to the problem at hand. If your emotions are getting the better of you, nothing will be solved. Instead, the situation will likely only get worse. Take a break, gather your thoughts, relax, and once your anger has a subsided, think about how you can handle the argument from a different approach.

Distract yourself. It can be challenging, as when we’re full of rage we can’t help but keep our attention solely at the issue at hand. We feel so worked up that it can be difficult to bring ourselves back to earth. I like listening to music and sometimes even singing along to shift my focus elsewhere. I become so immersed into what I’m listening to that I can’t think of anything else. If music doesn’t work for you, try watching your favorite movie or a funny YouTube video. Yoga can also be great for this. Focus on your form and your breathing. It’ll change your emotions into something calmer.

When you’re angry, you need to take the steps to slow down and relax. Accept your anger and let it go. Allow your heart rate to slow and your frustration to melt. Once you’ve found some control over your emotions, you can work on communicating the situation in a calmer manner.


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