7 Places to Eat and Drink in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware


Rehoboth Beach is a quiet little beach town with a short boardwalk packed with endless food options. If you’re looking for yummy restaurants, desserts, snacks, and drinks, here’s a list of seven places you’ve got to try.

Nalu Surf Bar & Grill

Nalu’s is an adorable little beach bar with locations in both Rehoboth and Dewey. The portions here are massive so it’s in your best interest to share your dishes with your whole party. My boyfriend and I went and split some nachos and hardly managed to put a dent in it (which is totally unlike us).The drinks here are phenomenal as well. I especially recommend trying one of their speciality frozen drinks.

Dave & Skippy’s

Although the service here isn’t the best, the food makes up for it. They give you giant portions for a good price. This is a great place to hit for a quick breakfast or lunch right on the boardwalk, and it’s never too crowded. I’m a huge fan of their breakfast burritos. Definitely a hidden gem in Rehoboth!

The Ice Cream Store

If you’re going to get ice cream, you better get it from here. This place has any flavor you can think of and more with crazy names like “Booger” and “Crack These Big Nuts.” Check out the menu thoroughly before you go, and be ready to ask for samples! The options are endless and since you’re able to suggest flavors online, the menu is always expanding!

Chesapeake & Maine

If you want to grab a quick beer and some appetizers, this is a great place to hit. Dogfish Head beers are all the rage in Delaware, and it’s definitely worth trying. If you’re not a beer person, you can at least try some of the yummy food!


It’s not a shore trip without fudge! Kilwin’s has the best fudge on the boardwalk along with a bunch of other yummy treats like salt water taffy’s, candy apples, and ice cream. Although I wish their were more flavor options, the fudge is just too divine. I recommend trying the dark chocolate- it tastes just like a brownie!


Thrasher’s has the yummiest fries to bring on the beach. Everywhere in Rehoboth you’ll see people walking around with their huge buckets of fries, and I can understand why. I added some salt and vinegar to mind and found it to be a perfect little boardwalk treat!

Fractured Prune

Although not on the boardwalk, it’s a must to give Fractured Prune a try while in Rehoboth. Don’t let the name fool you – Fractured Prune has the yummiest, gooiest, warmest donuts around. There’s so many flavors and I didn’t try a single one that disappointed. If you have a sweet tooth, put this at the top of your list.

For such a small town, Rehoboth has a lot to offer; however, keep in mind a lot of places seem to close relatively early. If you’re looking for more nightlife options, take Rehoboth’s Jolly Trolley over to Dewey, where you can find even more bars and late night activities.