Take Risks In Your 20’s


This week I celebrated my 22nd birthday by spending some much needed time away from work and on the beach. During my relaxation period, I had lots of time to reflect. 21 had its ups and downs, but overall it was a great year. It was a huge year dedicated to growth. I graduated college at 20 and spent the past year getting accustomed to the real world. I learned a lot this past year, and I took many risks that may have not all turned out for the best, but I can still look back on and say I’m proud of. 21 taught me that it’s alright to not have everything figured out. This is the time for me to experiment and try new things.

The past year I graduated school, started my full-time career, became a certified yoga instructor, went on my first real vacation, moved out (although only temporarily), and so much more. I can’t believe I accomplished so much in a year and some change. Although I still miss college and am not sure where my career is headed, I know I’m on my way. In just a year I’ve grown so much, and I know this is only the beginning. The future is scary, but I’m lucky to have a great support system that encourages my growth and that is there to pick me up when I fall.

21 was simultaneously one of my most stressful years too. Transitioning from college to work life is difficult. It’s hard finding a job and acting in an entry level position. It’s hard because even post college, I’m still not sure what exactly I want to do. There’s a lot of pressure to always be working and to move out and to pay off student loans, but I try to remember to take one step at a time. I’m still living and learning, and it’s alright to not know everything. It’s impossible to plan the future. I’ll find my place in this world soon enough.

I’m especially proud of getting my yoga teaching certificate which I completed last month, and I’m hoping to begin teaching in the fall. This was definitely a challenging experience that pulled me far out of my comfort zone. I took a huge risk doing this and dedicated a ton of time and hard work, but it’s one of my proudest accomplishments. The feeling I had in my belly after I taught my first class is a feeling I’d like to hold on to forever.

21 was a year that gave me lots of great memories. It was full of awesome New York trips, a Vegas vacation, weddings, bar crawls, and a lot of happy memories. The most important thing I took away from my year was to take risks and be open-minded. You’ll be surprised where you’ll end up and what will bring you passion. It’s normal to be confused and stressed at this age- we’re not supposed to have it all figured out. But now’s the time to have a little bit of fun and get to know yourself better. You’re only 21 once!



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