My Favorite Yoga YouTube Channels


My yoga journey began 5 or 6 years ago when I was scrolling through YouTube. The first yoga videos I recall coming across were Erin Motz’s 7-day yoga challenge on DoYouYoga (which I believe have been removed since). I loved the 7-day challenge and even found myself doing multiple sessions in a day. The sequences were perfect for beginners and really walked me through basic yoga poses and alignment. Plus, the classes were only about 10-15 minutes, making it an easy routine to add to my evenings. Practicing yoga alone in my room with the guide of YouTube helped me become more confident in my practice.

After a few years of a strict YouTube practice, I began going to real life classes, and now, even more years later, I’m about to graduate from my 200 hour yoga training. YouTube is a great source to practice yoga. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to learn the basics, can’t afford the expensive prices of a yoga studio, or just don’t have the time to commit to an hour long yoga class every week, YouTube videos are a perfect way to get in a quick practice. There are hundreds of amazing channels to check out, but I wanted to share a few of my personal favorites.

Yoga With Adriene

Yoga with Adriene is a fan favorite for many, as she has almost 5 million YouTube subscribers! Adriene’s “Foundations of Yoga” series is my go-to for whenever I want to master a new pose. She goes through all basic alignment tips that often get breezed over in a real class. I love having her walk me through each pose to ensure I’m staying safe and getting the most I can out of each pose.

Boho Beautiful

Boho Beautiful has some of the most aesthetically pleasing videos out there. Even just watching her videos without practicing brings me so much peace. I love her beautiful, scenic backgrounds and serene voice. Her videos have a lot of variety- from more intense ab workouts to relaxing sun salutations, but with all of them, I find instant peace and bliss in each practice.

Yoga with Kassandra

One aspect I absolutely love about Kassandra’s channel is the amount of yin yoga classes she teaches. Kassandra and Boho Beautiful both offer excellent videos to get introduced to yin. Kassandra offers quite a few different yin classes which aren’t as common on YouTube as standard vinyasa flows. Yin yoga is great to unwind, and I love that Kassandra offers 45 minutes to an hour yin yoga videos, allowing me to practice from the comfort of my own home.


DoYouYoga is what introduced me to yoga and it’s still not only one of my favorite channels, but also one of my favorite blogs. I feel like I’ve learned a bulk of my yoga knowledge from DoYouYoga, and I really enjoy all the channel has to offer. I love both the yoga videos and meditation videos, and I especially enjoy the weekly or monthly challenges. The challenges usually only ask for about 10 minutes a day, making it easy to add into my routine and making it especially suitable for beginners. I also like that we’re constantly being introduced to new instructors on the channel, as it makes it easier to find new instructors with teaching styles that resonate with you.

Bad Yogi

Erin Motz is the first yoga instructor I recall watching on YouTube, and to this day, she’s still my favorite. Her verbal cues are so easy to follow and I love how straight forward her teaching style is. I also love her Q&A’s and that she always keeps it real! I especially recommend Erin Motz to beginners because she’s so easy to follow and doesn’t overcomplicate her sequences. Plus, all of her sequences are short and sweet- usually 20 minutes or less. I enjoy all of her different video themes and overall, think she’s an awesome person to learn from!

There’s numerous amounts of YouTube videos and channels online, and you’ll find no ones teaching style is ever quite the same. If you’re getting into a home practice and would like to use YouTube as inspiration, I definitely recommend checking out these five channels, but also to do your own research to find an online instructor that you truly connect with. The possibilities are endless!


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