The Do’s and Don’t’s of Dressing for Vegas in the Summer


Las Vegas is a crazy city that never slows down. All of the casinos, shows, and nightclubs make a trip to Vegas always full of excitement, no matter how many times you’ve been. The city is beautiful with warm weather without the humidity. However, as summer approaches, temperatures are rising and the dry Vegas heat can become unbearable if you’re not prepared. Vegas temperatures in the summer can range anywhere from 80-110 degrees in the summer, sometimes being even higher. Since most people spend their Vegas trips walking around the Strip, it’s important to dress appropriate. Here are some tips on what you should and shouldn’t wear to Vegas in the summer time.


DO – Have fun with your outfits! If you have sequin mini dress you’ve been dying to wear, Vegas is the place to wear it. No matter the time of year, you’ll always see people wearing their craziest and best pieces, especially during the evenings. Have fun styling your outfits knowing you’re in a judgment free zone!

DO – Pack your favorite party dresses. You’ll likely have at least one event to dress up for, but maybe even more! Pack your favorite dresses for fancy dinners and nightclubs. There’s always a reason to dress up in Vegas so go all out!

DO – Pack several cute swimsuits. Vegas is hot, and you will likely hit the pool a few times during your visit. Pack swimsuits whether you’ll be lounging at your hotel’s pool, or hitting up a few pool parties. It’s a necessity in Vegas.

DO – Bring comfy sneakers! You’ll probably be doing a lot of walking on the Strip, and heels or flip flops are, unfortunately, not a practical choice. Wear comfortable shoes to save your feet the pain and misery. You can still look cute while being casual!

DO – Wear shorts! Jeans and tight pants will capture heat and make you belt. Wear shorts, or any light pants that allow you to breathe.

DO – Wear tank tops or loose blouses. Again, pick pieces that will allow you to breathe. Sleeves will only leave you with pit stains and anything heavier is a guaranteed heat stroke.

DO – Pack pretty sandals! Heels aren’t always practical, and comfy sneakers won’t work with everything. Bring pretty sandals or flats to go with your fancier, night time outfits if you’re planning on standing for awhile or doing a lot of walking. Bringing sandals to nightclubs is a great idea. And if you’re super persistent on wearing heels, consider opting for some comfortable wedges. Don’t let your feet ruin your night!

DO – Bring sunglasses! Vegas is bright, sunny, and beautiful! Remember to bring sunglasses to protect your vision. You’ll probably wear them the entire trip.


DON’T – Bring a bunch of heels. Bring one, COMFORTABLE pair for when you plan to dress up. Wearing heels to the pool or to walk around the strip will leave you miserable – trust me.

DON’T – Bring lots of layers. You might want a sweatshirt for the plane, but you probably won’t use layers otherwise, and they’ll probably just be another thing to carry. However, casinos can get a bit chilly so if you plan to spend the entire day in one, a light sweater might be a good choice.

DON’T – Bring new shoes. Keeping your feet comfortable is key. Along with not wearing heels the whole time, don’t wear any new shoes at all. You don’t want to use Vegas to break in your new shoes. Wear shoes that you already know and love and that will keep your feet happy.

DON’T – Wear anything expensive or valuable. It’s easy to lose things in Vegas, especially when you spend a lot of the trip drinking. Don’t wear anything valuable if you plan on hitting nightclubs or pool parties. You don’t want to risk losing anything.

Vegas is a ton of fun, even in the summer when it gets pretty sweaty. As long as you’re prepared, you’ll still have a great time! Remember above anything, to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated!


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