My Holy Grail Concealer


What’s one makeup product you can’t live without? Mine’s concealer. I love the way concealer evens out my imperfections to give my skin a flawless base. If I’m leaving the house and don’t have time to apply my full face of makeup, the one thing I will absolutely make sure I apply is my concealer.

I have dark shadows under my eyes that are hard to conceal. When I do conceal, they crease and cake like crazy. I’ve tried every cream and potion out there to try to diminish this, but really, it’s a hereditary problem (also allergy induced) that’s not going away any time soon.

About a year ago, I discovered Tarte Shape Tape, and I haven’t used a different concealer since. I used to wear multiple concealers and really pack them on, but Tarte Shape Tape has the best coverage and applies and buffs beautifully. It’s not perfect- it doesn’t hide all my flaws and it still creases, but it’s definitely the best concealer I’ve tried so far- and I’ve tried a lot of them. This is one beauty product and I can’t live without. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to my old concealers.

Now, beware, this concealer’s not for everyone. It’s very thick and full-coverage. Not everyone needs this much coverage. I personally like having a lot of coverage if I’m leaving the house and not applying any sort of foundation. This really does a great job at covering up some of my imperfections I’m not too confident about. However, I wouldn’t recommend using a lot of this product, especially if your skin is clear and glowing as is. A little goes a long way with this product. Just a small amount can cover up a lot while still looking natural. If you apply too much, that’s when you begin to look cakey.

Since it is a thick concealer, it does crease, making it vital to set. Personally, I try to avoid super heavy powders, as they can be quite drying. I use a banana powder under my eyes after applying. Then, I spritz with some Mac Fix Plus for some moisture.

Tate Shape Tape is sold at $27 which is pricey, but worth it. It comes with .33 oz of product, but again, a little goes a long way so a tube of this should last quite some time. The shade range selection is pretty decent, and I personally like to opt for shades a little lighter than my skin tone to add a brightening effect. I definitely recommend going to the store and swatching instead of ordering online, as a lot of the shades are even lighter than expected.

I’m no makeup expert, but this is my #1 holy grail makeup product. I love my concealers, and I especially love my Tarte Shape Tape. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth the money!


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