New to Yoga? Here’s What You Should Wear


Since yoga involves a lot of movement and stretching in odd positions, you should be careful with what you wear. Of course, yoga is like any other workout class, in which you should wear comfortable clothes that allow you to breathe. Keep in mind, however, in yoga, you may be engaging in crazy headstands or “happy baby.” Yoga is meant to relax and quiet the mind, but it’s seemingly impossible to do that when you’re worried about everything hanging out! Many don’t even consider this when going to their first yoga class. If you are new to yoga and interested in going to a class, here are some tips on what to wear to make you feel more comfortable.

Tight Tank Tops

I’d recommend a tight tank top, or any sort of sweat-flicking shirt. Yoga can get pretty hot, especially more popular styles, like vinyasa, that are heavier in cardio. Avoid wearing sleeves to stay cool! Along with this, make sure your shirt is tight, that way when you engage in inversions, you don’t have to worry about flashing your bra or your shirt suffocating your face. Avoid wearing anything too low cut either. The key here is to make sure your body will stay covered and secure throughout your practice!

Comfy Pants

Unlike your top, your pants don’t necessarily have to be tight. You can opt for numerous options here – from bootcut yoga pants, to leggings, to loose joggers! The most important thing to keep in mind is to wear pants that will cover you. If you’re wearing shorts, like your top, you might want to opt for something tighter, that way when you find yourself in a funky stretch, you aren’t worried about flashing anything down there. Along with this, make sure your shorts aren’t too short. Maybe opt for some biker shorts that go either to the knee or a little above. If you’re looking for some specific pant recommendations, check out this post.

Sports Bras

This one’s pretty self explanatory. Like any other workout, choose to wear a nice sports bra. You want to feel secure during your practice, but also comfortable. Invest in a good sports bra you can move around in without feeling any stabbing from underwire or tightness. Choosing a sports bra with extra coverage is also very helpful!

Fuzzy Socks

Here’s the deal: the shoes and socks you choose to wear to yoga don’t really matter. You could go to yoga class wearing stilettos if you really wanted to (although I don’t see why one would ever choose to wear stilettos period). When you’re in your practice, you shouldn’t be wearing shoes or socks at all. You’ll get the best grip just being barefoot on your mat. However, I recommend bringing a pair of fuzzy, warm socks for savasana to keep you warm and cozy during your meditation.


Bring layers with you to yoga, especially in the winter. Although you might find yourself sweating a lot during a vinyasa practice, you might want the warmth in a restorative practice. I’d never recommend going to yoga in just a sweatshirt, but you should always have a warm layer with you. Some practices might not heat you up as much, and you never know when you’ll get stuck in a cold room. Plus, it’s great to be able to layer a sweatshirt on when moving into savasana.

The two key takeaways here is to wear clothes that keep you feeling secure and that will eliminate any fears of flashing your bits, and to bring layers! This will make your practice a lot less worrisome and much more comfortable. Still, the most important thing above all is to wear what makes you feel good and what is easy for you to move around in.



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