The Big Apple is a huge city many of us dream of traveling to. There is endless amounts you can do in New York that it can seem overwhelming. If you’re looking to explore New York and do more than just shop (because let’s face it.. the city’s expensive) here are 7 fun things to do in New York!

1. Check out a museum– My favorite museum in New York is the Whitney Museum of American Art. Each floor is vastly different from the rest, and there is even a floor dedicated solely to Andy Warhol. Not to mention the museum is in a great location right near an amazing ice cream shop (Ample Hills Creamery) and right by the High Line.

2. Visit the High Line– The High Line provides some gorgeous views of the Hudson while you stroll around beautiful and scenic gardens that are perfect for photo ops! It also is super romantic when walking around with your S/O.

3. Treat yo’self– Food in New York is quite pricey, but so worth it. A really great restaurant I recommend is Merchants River House. It provides a great view of the Hudson and the Statue of Liberty. Not to mention the food is fantastic.

4. Go to a food festival– If you’re really looking for some fun food options, go to a food festival! I went to Smorgasbord in Brooklyn last summer and it was AWESOME! I wrote about it here.

5. See a Broadway show– I have to be honest, this is the one thing on this list I haven’t done, but am dying to do. I am determined to finally see a show in 2019. If you have any recommendations, please let me know!

6. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge– Obviously there are many landmarks in New York to go visit, but if you can only do one, I’d recommend this one. Like the High Line, the Brooklyn Bridge is very scenic (and great for photos). Plus, it’s totally free.

These are literally just a taste of the millions of things to do in New York. There are endless places to eat, museums to visit, and landmarks to see. If you’re planning a trip and feeling a bit overwhelmed at all the possibilities, these are my top recommendations.