Seven Ways You Probably Didn’t Know Meditation Can Benefit You!


My first ever blog post was all about benefits of yoga many people might not know about. These benefits range all the way from curing your hangover to helping with conception. If you’re interested in reading more about these benefits, you can check out my first ever blog post here. Like yoga, meditation serves many benefits. There are the benefits most of us are aware of, such as relaxation and gratitude, but there is much more to benefit from in a meditation practice. If you’re interested in beginning a meditation practice, but can’t seem to make time in your day or are finding it too difficult to do so, here are seven ways you probably didn’t know meditation can benefit you to motivate you to start a daily practice!

1. You’ll improve your memory and attention span

There’s no doubt meditation is difficult. A huge part of meditating is being able to avoid distraction and remain focused on your breathing. Meditation is an intense practice on your brain and will really sharpen your focus and your memory. Just remember – practice makes perfect!

2. It’ll make you kinder

The most popular reasons why people meditate is to relax and to find joy. Meditation will calm your mind and leave you feeling less anxious and more joyful. This attitude will stick with you following your practice and have an impact on your interactions. The way you feel on the inside will reflect how you treat others. If you are in a good mood, you’ll be a lot kinder towards those around you.

3. Makes you more creative

It’s hard to be creative when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Taking the time to meditate and decompress can help quiet your mind to allow inspiration to hit. Next time you’re facing writer’s block, or you’re just feeling completely uninspired, take time to meditate and clear your head. This will allow you to let go off all that pressure and allow new ideas to flow.

4. You’ll improve your sex life

This might sound crazy, but it’s true. Meditation can be very energizing and can give you the energy and enthusiasm to even have sex in the first place. Along with this, being relaxed during sex will help you avoid distraction and be present in the moment. This will make the moment much more pleasurable for both you and your partner.

5. Can help with addiction

Meditation teaches you how to properly direct your attention and how to avoid distraction. It’s a difficult practice to learn, but can be really effective when trying to increase willpower and control impulses by turning your attention elsewhere. While meditation might not be the cure to addiction, it can be a helpful tool to train your mind self-control.

6. Makes you self-aware

Meditation can really help you understand and find yourself. While meditating, take notice what your mind wanders too. You can see if the negative outweighs the positive, and then from here you can see what you can do to change that. It’s important to be aware of your thoughts because if you are aware, you have the power to change it.

7. Helps ease pain

Like yoga, meditation can be a great pain reliever. While it might not get rid of pain completely, decreasing stress can help decrease pain as well. Changing your focus to your breath instead of the pain can change your brain pattern and greatly reduce intensity. If you are mindful of the pain and allow that suffering to wash away with your breath, you might just notice the pain subside.

If you need the encouragement to begin a meditation practice, this is it. Meditation can be done anywhere for however long you choose. It’s a challenging practice, but if you stay patient and practice daily, you will see life altering benefits. Relaxation and peace alone is a great enough benefit to begin a meditation practice!


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