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I Tried the Keto Diet

I love food. However, as I get older, I realize I can’t gorge myself quite like I did when I was younger. Eating a 10 piece McNugget will leave me feeling nauseous and exhausted, and really, the only foods that give me enough energy to make it through the day are my proteins and vitamins.

Along with this, as I get older I become more concerned with taking good care of my body. Weight loss isn’t a concern for me, as my goal for my body is to build muscle and overall become stronger. Still, what’s important to me is to just feel good.

When I heard about the Keto diet, I was confused. I always assumed that foods high in fat aren’t healthy. As I began researching the diet more, I learned that there are healthy fats, such as avocados or nuts. The Keto diet also involves moderate portions of protein which is something I had previously heavily incorporated into my diet. I decided to do a bit more research and found that the Keto diet can be effective in helping people lose weight. While that’s a huge reason why many people go on the Keto diet, that is not what I take interest in. Rather, I want to see if it is possible to build muscle mass on a low carb diet. Most importantly, my main intention behind trying this diet is to see how a high fat, low carb diet makes me feel.


Every day I chose to eat bacon and eggs fried in coconut oil with an avocado on the side. This breakfast was very filling, and didn’t get old because I’d switch up how I cooked my eggs daily. Eggs and avocados are Keto essentials, as it is a great way to add in your fats and proteins at the start of the day.


At first, I tried playing up my salads for lunch. Caesar salads were typically my go-to, but got old pretty fast and always left me hungry. I started making lettuce wrapped burgers which I loved, although without the bread I still was left feeling unsatisfied. I found myself eating quite a larger lunch than I usually do to satisfy my hunger which unfortunately always left me tired mid day.


My favorite Keto dinner I discovered is a creamy Tuscan chicken. Since my breakfast and lunch mainly remained consistent, I tried to make my dinners as exciting as possible. Other great Keto dinners include fish, beef, and pork. Cook your meat in a fatty oil and add a side of dark, leafy veggies and bam! You have a nice, appetizing Keto dinner.


Like I said, I often found myself hungry and tired around lunch. I decided to experiment with some Keto snacks to try to help this problem. Nuts are a great snack for the Keto diet along with string cheese and hard boiled eggs. I soon started making a side of egg salad with my lunch that overall helped my lunchtime cravings. Still, many days I was left feeling very tired at lunch which usually resulted in a cup of coffee or two with a dash of heavy cream.

My Final Thoughts

I am not a nutritionist, nor am I an expert on the Keto diet. I simply did research on the diet, and chose my foods based on what I read up on. While I have read that the Keto diet has had incredible results for some people regarding health and weight, I didn’t really notice any crazy results for me. Although I consumed a lot of calories, I didn’t notice any difference in weight or muscle mass. I wasn’t more energized at the gym, nor was I at work. I even found myself drinking a lot more coffee. Typically, I don’t drink coffee at all because my body doesn’t react well too it, but I often felt like I needed it to get me through the day.

Overall, I could see how the Keto diet can be great for some people, I just don’t think it is for me. I love carbs and find carbs to be a great way of satisfying my hunger without feeling too full. While Keto could be great for weight loss, carbs definitely suit my body goals a lot more.

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