4 Vendors to Try at Smorgasburg!


If you are every traveling to New York, I would like to highly recommend that you take time out of your trip to attend Smorgasburg. If you’ve never heard of the infamous food festival, it is an event that occurs every Saturday and Sunday in Brooklyn and features some of the city’s best food vendors.

I attended my first Smorgasburg this summer in Williamsburg and let me say, it was like walking into a foodie’s paradise. Except it was 90 degrees and everything cost money. I will say, the prices are reasonable as you do receive excellent quality food with decent size portions. However, since Smorgasburg can get a bit expensive, and we can only eat so much, I wanted to recommend 4 tasty options to try if you ever do attend Smorgasburg.

1. Carnal

The meat at Carnal is so succulent and really does fall straight off the bone. Carnal at Smorgasburg is basically like being at the world’s best barbecue.

2. Lobsterdamus

The Lobster Nachos are a HUGE seller at Smorgasburg! We were lucky to try them right before they sold out!

3. Wowfull

The Wowfull is the perfect dessert, especially when you’re in the hot summer weather. You can make your own with any desired toppings, and the ice cream will keep you cool and refreshed while you scope out your next meal.

4. DO x Big Mozz

I didn’t try the mozzarella sticks, only the fried cookie dough balls, but my God. I’ve never had fried cookie dough in the past, but it truly is a game changer. You get two of each flavor; chocolate chip, brownie, and birthday cake. My favorite was for sure the chocolate chip, but be careful! These dough balls are heavy and can keep you full for your entire trip!

I also sadly did not capture a photo of these delicious dough balls, but wanted to provide you the link to the website so you can see exactly what you’re getting! It doesn’t look like a lot, but I assure you it’ll keep you full. Check out DO x Big Mozz here!

If you’re a huge foodie like me, Smorgasburg is a must! Even if these 4 options don’t seem like they are for you, I assure you there is a little something for everyone!



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