Planning Your Vegas Itinerary


A few weeks ago, I went to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday. I only went for 4 days, but I was able accomplish so much in such a short amount of time, and for a reasonable price! I wanted to share some photos and some of the incredible things that were on my Vegas itinerary to hopefully add some inspiration to anyone that’s thinking about taking a trip to Las Vegas in the future. Here’s what I recommend adding to your Vegas itinerary:

1.See the Volcano Show at the Mirage and the Fountain Show at the Bellagio

The shows are about 15 minutes each and totally free! They also occur frequently so it’s easy to add into your itinerary.

2. Sit by a Pool

Vegas is hot, so although sitting by a pool might take some time from exploring the city, definitely schedule in a few hours to just lounge and refresh because you will need it.

3. Explore and Gamble at the Casinos

This one might be a no brainer, but I wouldn’t advise just sitting and gambling in your resort. Every casino in Vegas has a different theme and different attractions to offer. Try to see as much as you can! If you don’t have time to see them all, I’d recommend checking out the Mirage, Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, and of course, Paris.

4. See a Cirque De Soleil Show

One of my favorite parts of my trip was seeing Cirque De Soleil. I saw the show Mystere, and it was incredibly entertaining and hilarious. If you’re going to add anything onto your itinerary, it should be this.

5. Go to a Dayclub/Nightclub

If you’re into the clubbing scene, definitely hit up a club in Vegas. There are a lot of promoters on the strip that can offer great deals or get you in for free.

6. Go on the High Roller– The High Roller was such a cool experience. Although it seems scary for those afraid of heights, each seat is so huge that you can pay extra to have a mini bar placed inside. The High Roller also moves very slow that it barely feels like you’re moving. The ride is 30 minutes in total, and it’s truly amazing seeing the strip and its surroundings at such a high distance.

7. Check Out the “Love” Statue

Funny enough, we have a “Love” statue in Philadelphia not too far from where I live that I have never seen. I never knew that a “Love” statue existed in Vegas until I was exploring the Venetian. It’s super cute with a little gelato shop surrounding it. The only concern is that if you want a picture, there probably will be a line.

8. Go to the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat was a nice little free attraction located at the Flamingo. I’ve never actually seen flamingos before so I thought it was pretty neat and worth checking out.

9. See the Botanical Gardens

The Botanic Gardens in the Bellagio are absolutely breathtaking and the perfect picture place. They’re also free to check out and a great attraction.


My trip to Vegas was honestly the most fun I’ve had in my whole life, and I was able to do so much without spending a fortune. If you’re looking to go to Vegas and not spend a bunch of cash, these are some fairly priced activities you can add to your itinerary. Have fun!



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