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4 Reasons to Be Grateful on the 4th of July

July has always been my favorite month of the year. Granted- I’m a bit biased, as it’s my birthday month. Still, there are so many incredible things that come with July. Sunny weather, barbecues, and even the 4th of July. America is flawed and is by no means a perfect country, but there are many aspects of our culture that are so beautiful that I’m forever grateful I can enjoy. This 4th of July when you’re grilling hamburger’s at your family gathering, remember all the gifts this world has to offer. Here are just four reasons of many why you should be grateful this 4th of July.

1. Technology

We really take technology for granted. Isn’t it incredible that nowadays all we have to do is say “Alexa” and our wish is granted? Or that we can order our groceries online to have them shipped to our house the very next day? That’s incredible, and makes even simple tasks just a little bit simpler. Right now, just being able to read this post, is something to be thankful for. Technology in America is constantly advancing. Who knows what’s next!

2. Fireworks

Fireworks. Sounds a bit silly to be thankful for something so small, right? Whenever I’m sitting and watching the fireworks burst with my closest friends and family, that’s when I feel the most gratitude. There is something about being in that moment surrounded by people you love and watching something so breathtaking that really makes you aware of the love that surrounds you and how amazing the world really can be. Be grateful for how astonishing the fireworks are, and be grateful for how something small can bring so many people together.

3. Water

Can you believe there are people around the world that do not have access to clean water? We can buy water whenever we want, or use a water filter to get cleaner water at home. We can even get free water at restaurants and not think anything of it because it’s just water. However, other countries around the world suffer from contaminated water sources and deal with constant water shortages. Next time you’re taking a long, steamy shower, remember that not everyone has access to these everyday privileges.

4. Freedom

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before, but this is another one taken for granted. We are free to become whoever we want. There is freedom to speak our minds, there is freedom to love who we love, and there is freedom to build a future that we desire. There isn’t anyone telling us what we can or can’t do, or what we can or can’t say. Take a moment and think about what you want. Now go out and get it. You have the freedom to do so.

There are endless reasons to be grateful this 4th of July. Remember to celebrate the holiday with your closest companions and enjoy the company and the wonder the world has brought you.

Happy 4th of July!

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