8 Ways You Probably Didn’t Know Yoga Can Benefit You!


Yoga provides even more benefits than you think.  Not only is yoga a challenging workout that will help with your flexibility and strength, but yoga is an exercise like no other. Yoga can have an incredible influence on both your physical and mental health, providing spiritual benefits you may not be able to achieve from other workouts. Yes, yoga is a wonderful exercise for toning your body and improving your balance, but here are eight other benefits you can achieve by engaging in yoga.

1. Help Your Heart

Yoga is good for the heart and can greatly reduce your risk of heart disease. The combination of physical exercise with meditation can help ease stress and lower blood pressure. Along with this, yoga is full of modifications and can be as challenging as you choose it to be, making it an ideal form of exercise for those with cardiovascular conditions.

2. Sleep Soundly at Night

If you’re battling insomnia at night, take a moment to do a few gentle yoga stretches. This will settle your mind, and make it easier to fall asleep. Adding a yoga practice to your daily routine can have incredible long-term effects on your sleeping behaviors, and can help you sleep more soundly through the night.

3. Cure Your Hangover

Yes, yoga can help fight even the most wicked hangover. Those mornings after a night of drinking when you just can’t get yourself out of bed, try doing a few yoga poses. Yoga helps with your metabolism, which will help you get rid of your hangover a little bit faster.

4. Helps to Conceive

Yoga is a great way to increase chances of conception. If you are stressed out about infertility, take a yoga class to calm your mind and increase blood flow. Just by doing this, you are already making yourself more likely to conceive.

5. Relieve Back Pain

Yoga is an amazing way to stretch out your muscles and increase flexibility. If you suffer from chronic back pain, yoga is one of the best activities you can do for it. Engaging in a daily yoga practice can stretch out the tightness and relieve pain.

6. Fight Your Food Cravings

Your food cravings likely come from boredom or over thinking. Yoga can stop both of these by getting you active and cleansing your mind. Next time you’re craving a sugary sweet you know you shouldn’t have, drink a glass of water and engage yourself in a mindful yoga practice.

7. Boost Your Confidence

Not only will yoga improve your posture, helping you appear more confident, but yoga will actually help you feel more confident. Getting involved in a frequent yoga practice will teach you self-love and self-acceptance through your mindful meditation.

8. Be happier!

If you are unsure if you should start practicing yoga or not, just know that one of yoga’s best benefits is its feel good effects. Yoga can aid your fight against depression or anxiety by stimulating serotonin in your brain that will automatically make you feel happier! Along with this, yoga is a great way to relieve stress and to practice mindfulness, which will overall help you develop a more positive mindset.

Although yoga may not be the answer to all of your life problems, it can certainly help and bring you numerous benefits. Take the time out of your day, whether it be 10 minutes or an hour, to engage in a daily yoga practice. Ease your mind and improve your health just by practicing a few sun salutations and focusing on your breath. Next time your hesitant to go to your yoga class, keep in mind all of these benefits.


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