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Easy Rituals to Add to Your Morning

Developing a morning routine that works for you is something that takes time. We’re all different, and we all have different needs that need to be met. Some of us are early birds that like to rise and grind, and some function better with those few extra hours of sleep. No matter your situation, we all develop morning rituals over the years that become beneficial and meaningful to us.

My morning rituals consist of short activities I do as soon as I wake up in order to prep both my mind and body for the day ahead. It’s taken me time to find rituals that I can incorporate into my morning that make me feel good and ready for the day, rather than feeling like chores I need to get done. My morning rituals make waking up a little earlier worth it because it leaves me feeling energized and motivated for whatever the rest of the day has in store. Even on your busiest mornings, there may be a short ritual you can adopt to get your day off to the right foot.

Chug Water

I always fill my water bottle the night before and leave it by my bed what way first thing in the morning, I’m able to chug some water and start the day hydrated. Drinking water first thing immediately energizes me enough to kiss my bed goodbye for the rest of the day.


There are so many benefits of meditation. Sometimes when I’m busy, I’ll tend to put off meditation which is why I like to do it first thing when I wake up. Meditating helps relax me first thing in the morning rather than panicking about all that needs to get done during the day. It helps me catch my breath and gather my thoughts, leaving me feeling a little more prepared for the day ahead.


Right when I’m done meditating, I like to capture my thoughts on paper. I don’t have time most mornings to write a full journal entry, which is why I use my Q&A a Day journal to jot down some thoughts in just a few minutes. I’ll usually save brain dump entries for mornings where I have more time to reflect, or for nighttime right before bed.

Gratitude List

To keep my quick, journaling moving, I’ll also make a gratitude list of 3-5 things I’m feeling grateful for that day. This can be anything from being alive to my shampoo. Thinking about what makes me feel thankful first thing in the morning adjusts my mind to think a little bit more positively throughout the day.

Pick an Affirmation

I like to pick an affirmation to stick with me throughout the day. I try to pick an affirmation best suited for whatever I’m currently feeling. Throughout the day, I’ll repeat this affirmation in my head. This helps me keep a positive attitude in tough times and hold on to that positive mindset!

Skincare Routine

My skincare is very important to me in order to keep clean and hydrated skin! In the mornings, I’ll cleanse my face and apply a toner with antioxidants. I’ll also apply an eye cream and a moisturizer with SPF. Since I’m young, I like to keep my skincare routine simple, but still proactive.

Eat Breakfast

The last ritual I have is one that everyone should; I eat breakfast! I know there’s a lot of people out there who skip breakfast, but I truly feel like it’s vital to my day to eat something nutritious every morning, even if it’s just an apple. That food and nutrition is what fuels my body and my mind. Otherwise, I’ll just feel groggy and hungry for the rest of the day, or at least until lunch!

Find rituals that leave you feeling good. They don’t even need to be morning rituals- they can be done any time of day. As long as you’re feeling energized and refreshed, you’re doing something right.

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