The BEST Yoga Pants!

I love yoga and I love comfy pants! The key to yoga pants is to find pants that are comfortable, but that you can bend and stretch in without having to worry about a tear. They don’t have to be tight leggings you can’t breathe in, and they don’t have to be baggy sweatpants that make you sweat. What is most important is to find high quality pants that you can move comfortable in. What makes the pants even better is when they’re cute! I wanted to share my 5 favorite pairs of yoga pants with you!

1. Victoria’s Secret Yoga Leggings

Victoria’s Secret is well-known for their yoga pants. I am especially a fan of their yoga leggings! The design on the fold over waist is super cute and the leggings have a form fit that aren’t too tight. These leggings are perfect to move around in and won’t rip or tear! I’ve had this pair for 5 years now and they’re still in good condition.

2. Hollister Yoga Pants

Flared yoga pants are a classic. These pants are super comfortable and hug your booty nicely! Although the pants are tight, they are great quality and aren’t too thin or see through. The flared look is super cute and flattering, and most importantly, very comfortable! This is another pair I’ve had for 5 years and that still remain in perfect condition.

3. Harem Yoga Pants

These may be my favorite pair of the bunch because I just love the fit and pattern of these pants. They have elastic at the bottom and drawstrings at the waist, allowing them to fit almost any height and weight. They are so comfortable and made of a thinner material that will prevent you from getting too hot. The best part is they’re super affordable and available on Amazon!

4. High Waisted Yoga Leggings

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of yoga leggings that will keep everything tucked in, this is it. These leggings are super stretchy and comfy and come in many different colors and patterns on Amazon! Surprisingly enough, they aren’t see-through either! I highly recommend these leggings for yoga- or even just for a standard gym workout!

5. Biker shorts

A comfy pair of biker shorts is essential when it’s too hot outside (or inside the studio). Biker shorts are tight and snug, but super comfortable and the best possible pants to move around in. I like to wear a simple black pair because they aren’t see through and can be worn with anything. Make sure whatever pair you buy aren’t too short. It’s impossible to be relaxed during yoga when you have to worry about everything hanging out!

Yoga pants are my favorite pants even when I’m not doing yoga! Everyone needs a few comfy pairs of pants they can move around in without having to worry about tears or flashing anyone! Even if these exact pairs aren’t available, these are all brands I highly recommend for high quality yoga pants. My final tip is when buying yoga pants on Amazon or buying from brands you haven’t tried before, make sure to read reviews first! It is totally possible to buy affordable yoga pants that are good quality, just do your research.

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