Just Be There

In my short time of living on this earth, I have learned time and time again to not expect anything from anyone. No one in this world owes you anything. Not your brother, not your best friend, not your teacher. And while I think it’s important to be independent and not rely on anyone else, I think life should be full of people who care about their friends as much as they care about themselves.

While I totally think it’s okay to be selfish here and there and to always do things in your best interest, I think it’s equally as important to be a good friend through thick and thin. You should be there for your friends in there time of need whether they expect you to be or not. You should always be in touch with your friends and know what’s going on in their life and how they are feeling. If you really value a friend, it shouldn’t be so hard to reach out every once in awhile and simply ask “how are you doing?” Friends shouldn’t expect anything, they should just be there.

However, what I’ve learned is that people will always let you down, and that’s okay. Letting someone down doesn’t make someone a bad friend or a bad person. Bad friends make you feel like your undervalued, and if that’s what you receive out of a friendship, it’s important to let that friendship go. New people are everywhere, and so are people you are more compatible with.

The moral of this short post is that we should all try to be better friends. Often we get too caught up in our own lives that we neglect those around us. Just because friends aren’t actively reaching out to you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reach out to them. We’re all human and none of us are perfect, so if your friend makes a mistake, let it go. We all do.

There shouldn’t be any expectations within your friendship other than to simply be there as often as you can.

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