Best and Worst Places I Ate at in Vegas (Affordable!!)

If you follow my Instagram, you would know I recently went to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday. It was hands down the MOST fun I’ve ever had in my life. I loved seeing all the casinos, trying all the fun drinks, and most importantly, trying new foods we don’t have where I’m from on the East Coast. Although I’m typically fairly serious about my diet, I decided to indulge a little on my vacation and I just had to share my experience. I am by no means wealthy and didn’t eat at any of Vegas’s famous, expensive restaurants. Everything on this list is definitely affordable making it perfect for those not trying to spend a fortune in Vegas. Here are the best (and worst) places I ate at in Vegas!


Earl of Sandwich– Earl of Sandwich was the perfect, affordable lunch spot. There are many different options here such as breakfast sandwiches, subs, salads, and wraps. My boyfriend and I decided to split our sandwiches in half and share so we could try some different options. I got the Italian and he got the The French Dip. Both sandwiches were so delicious and filling after a long day of walking around in the heat, and I have 0 complaints. I would highly recommend Earl of Sandwich as a quick and easy lunch spot.

Mr. Lucky’s– We went to Mr. Lucky’s for breakfast one morning, as we were staying very close to the Hard Rock. Our service was great and overall it was a cute little breakfast spot. I got the Cookies & Cream pancakes which were heavy, but delicious. I would recommend splitting the pancakes with someone because it was quite a lot of food. I also got a Cookies & Milk milkshake that was spiked with Rumchata and this was definitely the highlight of the meal. The milkshake was so nice after a hot walk over, and it really was delicious! Our waiter recommended it, and he did not disappoint.

Del Taco– I have to say, much to my surprise, I do think Del Taco is much better than Taco Bell. I’ve actually never been a huge fan of Taco Bell, and didn’t really have high expectations for Del Taco either. However, Del Taco not only gives you so much more, but it gives you much fresher food. I got the Taco Salad and it was affordable, delicious, and left me extremely full. Sorry to all you Taco Bell lovers out there, but I will only eat Del Taco from now on.

Yard House– The Yard House was a nice little restaurant to eat at for dinner that wasn’t too expensive. My favorite part of the dinner was definitely our appetizer; the Lobster, Crab, & Artichoke dip. This was incredible and came with chips and pita bread. It was a decent amount of food for a fair price. For dinner, I got the Kurobuta Pork Burger. What intrigued me about this was the blueberry ketchup which honestly, I didn’t really taste much of. Still, I really enjoyed the burger and would definitely recommend the Yard House.

Cravings Buffet– For breakfast one morning, we decided to go to Cravings Buffet in the Mirage. We went just in time to snag the end of breakfast and the beginning of lunch, so we definitely got our moneys worth. I am putting this on the “best” list because I did get my moneys worth and really can’t complain; however, it really is just your standard buffet that you can get at almost any of the hotels.

California Pizza Kitchen– I was actually a big fan of California Pizza Kitchen. As an appetizer, we got Szechwan Chicken Dumplings which are not something I’d usually go for, but were actually pretty decent. I also got the Garlic Cream Fettuccine which I’d definitely recommend!


PinkBox– I was very excited to try PinkBox after seeing pictures of all the unique donuts. However, I was let down after just the first bite. I tried a bunch of different kinds of the donuts such as the birthday cake, s’mores, captain crunch, and boston cream. The only one I’d recommend is the s’mores one. The rest were a bit stale despite the fact I arrived first thing in the morning, and overall no better than your standard Dunkin. For the price of these donuts, I was thoroughly unimpressed.

In N Out– I was beyond excited to try In N Out, as there is not much I love more in this world than a good cheeseburger. I have heard endless amazing reviews on In N Out, and watched a bunch of YouTube Mukbangs prior to my trip. I’ve heard YouTubers such as Colleen Ballinger refer to it as her favorite fast food restaurant, and I was just too excited. Not to mention, many of our Uber drivers hyped the place up so much, and referred to it as better than Five Guys. I decided to go big and order animal style everything. I have never been more let down. The first bite of the burger was pretty good because I liked the onion-y taste of the animal style. However, after a few more bites I realized this was a taste I was familiar with. The patty tasted just like a Wendy’s Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger which I could have gotten off the dollar menu. So not only was this burger no different than your standard drive thru burger (which I should have known better), but the price wasn’t even that great. As for the fries, they were okay with the animal style topping, but after about three bites I was over it. I ended up throwing most of my meal away. In N Out doesn’t even compare to Five Guys.

I’m really curious to hear what other East Coasters have to say about In N Out. I know I’m not the only one who had to be disappointed. Sorry if I offended any hardcore Pinkbox or In N Out fans out there, but these places just weren’t for me. Overall, I definitely had more good food experiences in Vegas than bad and look forward to going back again some day in the future!

21 Lessons I’ve Learned in 21 Years

Each year we grow older, we grow wiser as well. There is so much to learn about ourselves and the world. Every day of life we learn more and more. Over time, we learn valuable life lessons that better who we are. Over my 21 years of life I have learned many valuable lessons. Here are 21 lessons I’ve learned in 21 years.

1. Take more pictures. The quality doesn’t have to be perfect, you’ll still enjoy looking back on the memories.
2. Don’t let anyone tell you how to feel. Your feelings aren’t something you can control and you have every right to feel the way you do.
3. Don’t waste time on someone who doesn’t value your feelings. Instead, find people who care about you and who are genuinely interested in your company.
4. You don’t need to have it all figured out. Life is a journey and you will figure things out along the way.
5. You will change, and you will grow. Don’t fight it. It’s for the best.
6. You can’t depend on others. People will let you down. The only person you can depend on is yourself.
7. Be yourself whether others like you or not. Those opinions of others really don’t matter as much as you might think they do.
8. Everyone has a bad day, but that doesn’t make it a bad life.
9. If you truly want something, you have to work for it. Not everything comes easy in life. Putting effort into something you want will lead to reward.
10. There are tons of mistakes to be made, and even more lessons to learn. Don’t dwell on mistakes or things you could have done better. Just know for next time.
11. Nobody knows anyone completely. Even if you think you know someone inside and out, you don’t. You have no idea what this person has happening in their head and all the backstory of this person’s life.
12. Always be honest. If something is bothering you, don’t deny it. Speak up. People fear the truth far too much. Honesty is an admirable quality.
13. Expecting others to make you happy will more often than not lead to disappointment. Happiness is a choice only you can make.
14. Figure yourself out before you try to figure out others. Growing up teaches us a lot about ourselves. Learn about who you are and what you are interested before you try to learn everything about someone else.
15. Surrounding yourself with good people will make yourself a better person. It’s important to have friends that give off positive vibes. Make friends who aren’t afraid to be themselves and are free of judgement. Don’t make friends who care too much about what others think and who make you feel bad about yourself.
16. Take care of your body. Eat healthy foods and go for a run. You will feel healthier and happier.
17. If he doesn’t like you for who you are, he doesn’t deserve you.
18. Odds are, whatever is bothering you now won’t be important in a week, so let it go.
19. Even at the lowest of times, just know everything will work out. Somehow, life just has a way of working itself out.
20. Spend time doing what you want to do. Even if it’s an hour of everyday. Life consists of a lot of stress and hard work, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a right to enjoy ourselves.
21. Stay true to yourself. Don’t let others dictate your life. Be yourself and honor your values.

Each year brings new and exciting adventures that teach us a lot about ourselves. Over my 21 years of life, I’ve learned so much from my experiences. Still, there is so much in this world I haven’t yet seen and that I can’t wait to learn.

A Week Without Washing My Hair

Whenever I tell people I wash my hair every day, I always get a lot of reactions like “you’re not supposed to do that” or “that’s really bad for your hair.” I understand why hair isn’t supposed to be washed everyday. It is recommended to take breaks with hair washes to allow your hair to produce its own natural oils. Sadly, this lifestyle doesn’t work for me. My hair gets greasy and it gets greasy fast. Of course, this is likely because I am in the habit of washing my hair daily, but it sure is a hard habit to break. I hate having greasy hair and I’m not sure how long I can withhold from washing my hair to fix this issue. This little personal problem of mine inspired me with a new experiment. I challenged myself to go a full week without washing my hair. Let’s see how this worked out for me.


I washed my hair Saturday night, leaving my hair fresh and clean for Sunday. Unfortunately, I made the poor decision to go to the beach today which afterwards, left my hair salty and knotty. Overall, I’m off to a rough start.


If I could go back, I would have straightened my hair from the jump. Still, my hair actually came out pretty well despite the second day after a windy beach day. My hair remained sleek and surprisingly, not greasy.


By Tuesday my hair was starting to feel slightly greasy. I dabbed at my roots with some Witch Hazel in hopes to dry it out and pulled my straightened locks into a half-up/half-down pony. Surprisingly, I didn’t need to touch up my hair with a straightening iron at all, as my straight hair had mostly stayed in tact.


I knew putting my hair down this late into the week was a risky move, but I went with it. No regrets quite yet either, after curling my hair, my hair had lots of texture and volume that I quite liked.


I regretted my choice to wear my hair down because I woke up with extremely greasy hair. Again, I dabbed at my roots with some Witch Hazel, and put my hair up into another half-up/half-down pony. This time, I touched up my curls and although a bit frizzy, I thought my hair looked cute and fun.


It is a rare occasion that I wear my hair up, but the grease began to get out of hand and to be too much for even Witch Hazel to fix, so I opted for a pony. I found the ponytail to be great for unwashed hair because my hair didn’t look, nor feel greasy. It stayed out of my face and I don’t think my hair looked all that bad.


Sorry for the shade over my face, but by Saturday I was completely over this. My hair felt disgusting and I was left with no choice but to throw it in a bun because it looked terrible. Saturday after work, I went home and washed my hair, and it was the best I felt in a week.

After taking this challenge, I decided I will never go a week without washing my hair again. However, I realized that I do not have to wash my hair everyday. Since this challenge, I’ve begun to wash my hair every other day. Although I don’t notice any specific changes regarding the health of my hair, I have found that my hair doesn’t get greasy quite as fast, allowing me to skip even two days of washing here and there. Not to mention, I’m saving lots of time and money, so that’s definitely a plus!

What I Eat in a Day

We all know how important it is to eat healthy, yet when given the option of eating broccoli versus chocolate, most of us will pick chocolate. I am equally as guilty as everyone else, as I’m only human for craving a bit of chocolate. However, once I changed my diet around and started eating healthier, I started craving chocolate less and less. Now that I am on a healthy diet with regular exercise, I don’t feel as guilty when I choose to indulge. It’s okay to indulge. As long as this indulgence doesn’t become your strict diet.

The nutrients we feed our bodies with affect our physical health and our mental health. Consuming the right foods will provide us with more energy throughout the day which will make the day much more bearable to get through. Having this energy will make you less groggy and make you more productive. I am not a nutritionist, and I know what works for me might not work for every person. I am not the fittest and healthiest person alive, but I do actively try to take care of my body. I wanted to share what I eat in a day, as I choose to eat healthier options that are still tasty and don’t deprive me of my sweets. I hope this provides you with some inspiration.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with Nuts + Berries

This is a great breakfast to start the day. This is a meal very high in fiber and the berries will provide vitamin C and potassium. This meal will normalize your bowel movements, help lower your cholesterol, and help your immune system.

Lunch: Salad with Chicken, Carrots, Dried Cranberries, Cucumber, and Balsamic Vinaigrette

I know a salad sounds boring, but salads actually provide a lot of flexibility. You can dress your salad up however you want. Other fun additions that can be added into a salad include fruits like pineapple or even strawberries, hard-boiled eggs, nuts, and beans. Have fun with it! Just do your best to pick a dressing that isn’t too fatty. Remember that salads consist of a lot of antioxidants, especially when adding in raw vegetables. This is great for your heart and can help combat infection.

Dinner: Chicken Breast Cooked in Olive Oil

Like salad, chicken sounds like a boring meal to many, but can be dressed up in many ways. I prefer cooking my chicken in a bit of olive oil, but other healthy additions could be lemon chicken, garlic chicken, or even something easier like putting a bit of quinoa on top of your chicken. There are many benefits to chicken breast, such as protein, heart health, and phosphorus. This will help your teeth and bones and can help fight arthritis. Another benefit many people may not know about is that chicken is high in tryptophan. This is an amino acid that will increase serotonin levels which will overall decrease stress, anxiety, and make you feel a little bit cheerier.

Snacks: Hard-boiled egg + cashews

I usually try to eat 1-2 small snacks per day, as this will help my cravings and satisfy me when I’m hungry. Eggs and cashews are two salty snacks, but with many health benefits. Eggs are high in protein and consist of healthy fats. Cashews are a great source of vitamins and minerals and contains Vitamin E, K, and B6 and minerals such as iron and selenium. This snack is great for building muscle, boosting your immune system, creating energy, and circulating oxygen.

Dessert: Mixed Berries + Honey

I like to finish my day off with something sweet. Mixed berries with honey is a great way to get my sweet fix while still eating something nutritious. Like stated before, berries are high in fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. Berries are packed with antioxidants that can have long-term benefits. Honey is also full of antioxidants and can help lower triglycerides. This sweet dessert can help improve your memory as you age and can help keep your heart healthy.

Even little changes in your diet can make a huge difference. Just know that for every unhealthy snack you crave, there is a healthier alternative. Remember that while you might be craving the sugary snack now, eating something healthier will make you feel better in the long run.